DCCG has rental plots in three areas, allowing locals to grow their own food.

Many people would like to grow their own food, but either have too much shade or not enough space at home. To help address this need, DCCG offers rental plots at three different community gardens throughout DeKalb County. These gardens provide an opportunity for people to eat local, control the quality of their food, and gain the satisfaction of eating something they grew themselves.

Dresser Gardens

The Dresser Gardens are open to DeKalb residents and feature 15 ft x 30 ft garden plots for $20 per year.

Dresser Gardens Application

Sycamore Gardens

The Sycamore Gardens are open to Sycamore residents and feature 15 ft x 15 ft garden plots for $10 per year and 15 ft x 30 ft garden plots for $20 per year. The Sycamore Gardens is a hybrid space offering communal plots in addition to rental plots. Volunteers are invited to help plant, water, weed and harvest produce for themselves and community members in need from the communal garden area.

Sycamore Gardens Application

Genoa Gardens

The Genoa Gardens are open to Genoa residents and offer 5 ft x 10 ft raised beds for $15 per year.

Genoa Gardens Application