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About Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove Vocational Farm provides innovative work opportunities and career options for adults with developmental disabilities by providing agricultural training and employment in integrated settings. The fastest growing employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities are with farms and ranches. Agriculture related opportunities allow those with disabilities a healthy, fun, integrated, and meaningful way for them to participate and contribute to the wider community.

  • 33600 Pearl Street | Kirkland, IL 60146

  • Greenhouse: Closed for the Season

Greenhouse Hours:

April 25 - May 31, 2023
Closed Mondays
Tuesday - Saturday | 10 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday | 11 am - 4 pm

June 1 - June 30, 2023
Tuesday - Saturday | 10 am - 5:00 pm
Closed Sunday and Mondays

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Thank you for supporting our mission of providing job training and career opportunities to people with developmental disabilities.

Box of Hope CSA

Box of Hope is our community supported agriculture (CSA). As a member of our CSA, you will receive a beautiful box of seasonal, sustainably grown, fresh vegetables for your family. Boxes of Hope are offered for 20 weeks. You can subscribe for a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, flex plan, or pay for boxes individually. You pay for the plan you choose at the beginning of the season. Then, you can pick up your box of delicious produce at our Walnut Grove Vocational Farm site, Sycamore Farmers’ Market, or arrange to have it delivered to your home. Purchasing a Box of Hope helps support the work of DCCG. You can also make a donation of a Box of Hope to a family in need, which will give them the opportunity to enjoy nutritious, local vegetables.

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One Seed One Plant

One Seed One Plant is our online store for customers to preorder vegetable and herb plants and support DCCG. Gardeners may choose from over 90 different varieties of tomato plants and over 50 varieties of pepper plants. All plants are grown at Walnut Grove Vocational Farm.


The one-acre U-pick field at WGVF offers people the opportunity to pick their own fresh, sustainably grown vegetables. Come visit this serene setting and see what kale, sugar snap peas, heirloom tomatoes and your other favorite vegetables look like before they find their way to your plate. A wide grassy strip separates each row so it is wheelchair accessible. Individuals with special needs assist with the planting and maintenance of the vegetable gardens throughout the season as part of a vocational training program.

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Participant Program

Walnut Grove Vocational Farm provides agriculturally based training, along with assistance with job placement for individuals with special needs, in an integrated supportive setting. WGVF will develop individualized training programs related to agriculture and horticulture for each participant. The training received will be customized to the individual’s needs. Participants will be in groups of three with one staff member. Last year, 75% of our participants involved in the individualized training were employed. Training received could also be used for individuals pursing their own business. There are three sessions throughout the year that involve different training. WGVF is currently accepting participant applications for the third session beginning in September. Below are some examples of what individuals may learn during their training, depending on their skill level:

  • Sow seeds
  • Fill pots/trays with media
  • Transplant plugs
  • Prune plants
  • Package plants for shipping
  • Plant vegetable plants in outdoor garden
  • Plant flower beds
  • Identify weeds and remove from vegetable and flower beds
  • Care for chickens – feed, water, gather eggs, and clean coop
  • Harvest and wash vegetables
  • Prepare CSA boxes

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